Every drop counts.

Without oils, greases and fluids, the machines depend upon would cease to work.
Using improper or inferior lubricants will accomplish the same thing, slightly slower.
But regular service with quality lubricants can enhance performance and extend the
service life of virtually any piece of equipment or machinery.

We're here to help.

Your company's profits are directly related to the total cost of the lubricants you use. Your total cost is not just your case, keg or drum price. It includes all costs relating to the pick-up, delivery, stocking, storage, application and disposal of your lubricant inventory.

If your current lubricant supply and service operation is already running at optimal efficiency, we send our regards. However, if you want to ensure the best possible return on your lubricant investment, there are two good reasons you should call Island Oil & Supply.

First, we stock and deliver only the highest quality lubricating oils, greases and fluids. Shell offers hundreds of proven products for the automotive, aviation, marine, heavy equipment and transportation industries. From conventional petroleum stocks to the latest synthetic and semi-synthetic products, we can supply the right lubricant for virtually any specification or service application.

Second, we design and install lubricant handling systems tailored to the needs and the budgets of our clients. From drum pumps to computerized dispensers to conventional bulk tank systems, Island Oil & Supply offers the most reliable, durable and affordable equipment packages available.

In short, we're more than your dependable Shell lubricant jobber. We also design and install efficient, economical and environmentally safe lubricant management systems that help our customers save money, reduce labor costs and minimize waste and spillage in virtually all shop and field service operations.

Island Oil & Supply: The Lubricant Link

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